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Medical Marijuana as Treatment for Health Conditions In recent years, we have experienced a lot of major changes in our medical and healthcare industry. One of the more important changes that has occurred has been a major expansion of medical insurance, which has given many thousands of people access to much better healthcare services than they otherwise would have been able to obtain. Another major change has been the manner in which patients’ preferences have been moving away from using prescription medications for treatments and more toward natural, holistic types of medications and treatments. Within this shift, there has further been a gravitation toward using medical marijuana for treatment of various health conditions, which has proven to be highly beneficial for many patients, along with cities, counties, and states. Though using medical marijuana to treat health conditions is not new at all, its legalization in our society is a recent occurrence. This has been somewhat of a gradual change, which has largely been pushed along by more and more studies being released highlighting the huge benefits that various patients have received from using medical marijuana. The numbers of cities and states that are now legalizing medical marijuana has been starting to increase more rapidly, as those first regions that were the first to legalize have experienced record increases in revenue. Medical marijuana has not been fully legalized at the federal level yet, but there is now a much greater acceptance by the general population, various parts of government, and law enforcement. Many medical studies, as well as patients’ testimonies, have shown that medical marijuana has been able to effectively treat a considerably wide range of health conditions. It is very commonly used as an effective pain reliever, and has been used to treat issues like chronic back pain and post-surgery after effects. Medical marijuana has also been very beneficial for people that deal with migraines, cataracts, and glaucoma. People that have struggled with very serious issues, such as Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer, have also been able to benefit a lot from using medical marijuana.
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Medical marijuana has been so beneficial for so many people, that it is become a major economic diver for many regions. Still, it is not legal federally, so there are many different guidelines and codes that have been put in place to keep its cultivation, distribution, and use regulated. For instance, a doctor has to diagnose the patient with one of the conditions that qualifies for medical marijuana treatment, and then give the patient an official recommendation. With the recommendation, the patient can then get an official license or identification card that allows them to use medical marijuana legally.
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The effectiveness of medical marijuana as a treatment will always be affected by the nature of the individual patient, as well as the particular condition they have.